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Where is Virtual Qube Technologies located ?

We are located in the ahmedabad city of Gujarat .

What about IP and securing my IP once I share with you?

Once the project is finalized we sign non disclosure with our clients. We are professionals and each member of team is well versed with laws around Protecting IP.

What if I am not satisfied with end product?

Once the scope of the project is finalized we stick to it and ensure that your ideas are executed with 100% perfection and accuracy. We see to it that our client needs are met. Our job is not done untill client is not 100% happy with the end product.

What is your Project Development Methodologies ?

We believe that each project is unique. At Virtual Qube Technologies we believe in innovation and excellence. We believe in keeping transparency with our clients when it comes to their projects. Generally we follow each steps.
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What if I am an international client would you still be able to provide me your services?

The answer is “YES”!! Virtual Qube Technologies has no boundaries when it comes to providing our clients the best IT solutions across the globe. Location of our client is not a constraint for us.

How can I reach out to developers at Virtual Qube Technologies?

You as a client can any communication platform (email, Skype call etc) we cater to your needs.

What if my product is not delivered in timely manner?

We at Virtual Qube Technologies understand time management. Once the project is finalized our chief developer would give each client the timeline of the project at every step our clients are updated regarding the progress of their product.

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