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Get Started with Kotlin Android

Kotlin is fully supported in Android Studio 3.0 and higher, so it’s easy to create new projects with Kotlin files, add Kotlin files to your existing project, and convert Java language code to Kotlin. You can then use all of Android Studio’s existing tools with your Kotlin code, such as autocomplete, lint checking, refactoring, debugging, and more.

Kotlin provides complete interoperability with the Java language, so calling the Android APIs often looks exactly like the matching Java code. Except now you can combine those method calls with Kotlin’s syntax features.

We’re also working to make all Android API documentation available with idiomatic Kotlin references. You can find links to the available Kotlin references on the Android reference overview.

As you gain fluency in Kotlin try to follow these guidelines: Favor readability over minimizing lines of code. It’s easy to go overboard with Kotlin syntactic sugar. It’s a good idea to establish coding conventions and idioms that work best for your team. The Kotlin and Android Kotlin style guides offer good advice for formatting Kotlin code.