KEYINTERIO is designed to help interior designers and architects find reliable work opportunities by connecting them with customers and homeowners. We give interior designers and architects the chance to directly get in touch with a customer who is looking for their services.

Face Challenges

Implementing Logic for the For buying the Lead to single buyer in particular location and Package plane subscriber based on requirement.

Creating a custom developed Keyinterio algorithm and implementing it perfectly on the existing Android and IOS mobile app platform was a challenge. Once the lead Generate the subscriber can purchase the lead and system show the contact information to lead buyer.

Project Approach

The Android Team, the Project Manager, were in constant touch with the client to get this Change Request list finalised. Close collaboration, knowledge and information sharing, recommendations, design prototypes were followed by the development process to add life to existing app version via new modules, iterations and enhancements in the feature list.

Key Benefits

  • Narrow user browsing with the perfect “Search Algorithm” that works efficiently. Users can save efforts and time to find the lead.
  • Find relevant lead with a few tap to make the business and generate the revenue.
  • A GPS modules that will enhance buyer to find the relevant lead at buyer location by GPS Location.
  • Updated payment module guarantees secure, hassle-free & successful transactions across multiple regions.


The client was already satisfied while working with Virtual Qube Technologies for the first time and got what he expected from our expert this time around. The developer team precisely listened, listed, implement all the changes the client expected. The feedback from the client about the quality of the Android and IOS app and Customer service is encouraging.

As a rewarding return, the team is already in touch with the client to discuss the possible features for the next phase.