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Features of


  • Angular-Next-Level-Design-Integration

    Next Level Design Integration

    A group of engineers in 2009 got together and realized that the process of development could be enhanced if they could place UI elements on a page and engineers later added the logic. This is how AngularJS was born. It lets designers define a UI element and developers add logic to it the moment it is laid out. The capability to componentize development and design processes is amazingly popular and useful.

  • Angular-Passing-the-Test

    Passing the Test

    AngularJS was written with testing in mind. Moreover, it comes with inbuilt testing libraries. Using the libraries, developers could imitate user behaviors in automated tasks, like clicking buttons for instance. This results in finding bugs before the users. It’s no coincidence that there are financial institutions that have software engineer job openings with ‘Angular’ in their official title.

  • Angular-Making-the-Web-Native

    Making the Web Native

    AngularJS leads when it comes to sophisticated browser-based apps that behave more like native applications. The popularity could not be denied and it is ready for mainstream adoption. The bank, search engine, payroll, airline, video streaming service, the space agency, apparel line and automaker all have bet on AngularJS and for sure is a trend worth betting on.

  • Angular-Ease-of-Maintenance

    Ease of Maintenance

    Decoupled components are replaceable with better implementations. Simply put, it enables efficient code maintenance and update.

  • Angular-Faster-Mobile-App

    Faster Mobile App

    Mobile phones fetch half of the website traffic globally. A considerable amount of users come from places where there are slow internet connections. Hence, it is important for Angular 9 developers to redesign and decrease the size of downloadable files, to increase the mobile user experience. By reducing the size of JavaScript bundles, Ivy opens a platform for developers to speed up the application.

  • Angular-Improved

    Improved Internationalization

    Internationalization is an important Angular 9 feature. The new solution appears with Angular 9 which balances most of the drawbacks without losing performance. Initially, the latest @angular / localize produced one building, followed by a translation of texts consolidated in a copy and Ivy makes it easier to carry out the whole process.

Benefits to bank on


  • google

    Maintained by Google

    One of the best things about Angular is that it is developed and maintained by Google. As it is backed by a most trusted company, trust is well established with the help of a big community and also issues will be resolved with the help of community contributions.

  • online-community

    Large community and ecosystem

    Angular has a large community and ecosystem also actively maintained. You can find lots of material on this framework as well as third-party tools. In the current scenario , Angular has around over 63k+ star on Github, a clear good indication of the popularity of the framework

  • arrows

    Two Way Data binding

    This way in Angular will help users to exchange data from the component to view and from view to the component. It will help to establish communication bi-directionally. This will ensure that the model and the view are always kept in sync without any extra effort.

  • rocket

    Improved Speed and Performance

    The diversity of Angular capabilities, for instance, template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, etc. make programmer’s work easier and enable quick loading of the application. The framework is compatible with various types of back-end programming languages to display gathered data in the UI efficiently.

  • feather

    More Lightweight Web Application

    In older versions of the framework, there was a popular issue reported by the developer community about too large bundle size that impedes the fast loading of applications.

  • problem-solve

    Efficient Problem Solving Patterns

    Angular offers powerful DI (dependency injection) instrument and services to resolve various productivity issues and speed up the development process.

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