Launching an e-commerce store instantly without having technology expertise is easier said than done. However, this is possible with the ready-to-sell Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. Bringing an array of versatile features out of the box, they enable you to set up a successful online store fast and get it going. Whether you have 10 products or thousands of them, Shopify gets you sorted out and enables high conversions too.

Right from the start, we have a mindset that focuses on the growth of sales for the clients. For this reason, we help them unlock new opportunities with Shopify and Shopify Plus e-commerce platforms. We set our standards high and make sure that our developers match these standards. For this reason, we have built a team that possesses advanced skills and rich experience in Shopify and Shopify Plus. Virtual Qube Technologies understands the expectations of your consumers and brings the most optimized e-commerce stores that are tailored to fulfill them. We open the opportunities for the businesses to enhance their brand value and maintain it as well. Connect with us and take your business on the next level.

Features of


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    Easy to set up

    Shopify helps it’s users to build a complete website without having any technical knowledge about website building. This is because Shopify takes care of all the technicalities involved on their behalf. Using Shopify, thus, speeds up the whole process of establishing a site and helps to get your store go live quickly.

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    Easy to Manage

    Based on your setting you can automate sending reminders to customers who had added products to their carts but didn’t check-out.
    The taxes involved based on the country or state of a customer can be automatically calculated by Shopify
    You can add a new product, changes in product prices, track and fulfil orders placed by your customers anytime you want

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    Store Management Features

    Your site can also include the option for customers to create a profile. Customer profiles can help you contact your customers individually with promotional offers, notifications about new products and much more. This can, in turn, boost your sales.

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    SEO and Marketing to boost sales

    Shopify offers SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services like giving the right titles and meta tags to your pages. It also has a range of plugins like Plug in SEO, SEO Plus and SEO Booster that can help you to boost your sales by pointing out the problems on your site and fixing the same. Also, sitemap.xml is automatically created for your products and posts.

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    Exceptional Security

    Security is one of the most important aspects to take care of, while selling online. Your and your customer’s account details can be left exposed if your site ever gets breached. Shopify takes care of all the steps involved to keep you and your customers safe and also, handles any attempted breaches.

  • Top-notch-support-01

    Top-notch support

    Shopify provides support to its users 24/7. You can call, e-mail or chat with their team any time you want. Also, Shopify’s help center contains guides, tutorials and FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.

Benefits to bank on


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    Visually Appealing Online Store

    The platform bundles up a variety of professional templates that facilitate the creation of unique and visually appealing online stores. It comes with a bare minimum theme but designers and developers can work on it to create a store with rich UI and exceptional UX.

  • App-Integrations

    App Integrations

    The platform boasts of amazing customization abilities as it can be easily integrated with apps. This means that the seller can easily add some extra features and functionalities to his store and enhance its value manifold.

  • reliability

    Security and Reliability

    Another benefit of Shopify is the security and reliability it offers. Security is essential for an online business because it deals with confidential personal and financial information of the customers. Similarly, it must always be available online. Both these features are taken care of with this hosted solution that takes care of upgrades and maintenance.

  • page-speed

    Excellent Loading Speed

    Being a globally hosted solution, Shopify has a reliable infrastructure along with optimized hardware and software. This gives the platform a super-fast loading speed and the e-commerce made on it load in a matter of seconds.

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    Powerful Marketing Tools

    As a complete platform, Shopify has the marketing edge too. The basic version offers SEO features along with advanced e-commerce analytics. In addition to these, it offers more marketing tools such as custom gift cards, discount coupons, store statistics, targeted email marketing, and more.

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    Mobile Responsiveness

    Mobile responsiveness is the key to success of an e-commerce store because the number of mobile shoppers is increasing by the day. The Shopify themes are mobile responsive, which means that it can be used to avail mobile-optimized stores. There are even free iPhone and Android apps that can be used to manage the store.

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